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Are People More Open About Life When Running?

In a park in downtown London, directors Matan Rochlitz and Ivo Gormley set out to ask the most intimate questions of unsuspecting joggers. With the idea that the unconventional interview location would drop the runners’ guards, the filmmakers were able to elicit candid, funny, and oftentimes moving responses.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Rochlitz talks about the impetus for the film, and how they captured the runners in motion.

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Nice video from HootSuite. 

Social media is about connecting people and sharing information. The video tells a story of how sharing a single update can spark a larger conversation — between a student, a baker and bank.

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Introducing Pope Francis I

Formerly, Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina.

Yes, Wikipedia is already updating.

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The fine folks at AsapSCIENCE tackle the science of love. Love, of course, is a lot more complicated than neuro-reductionism might suggest, but science does offer some fascinating insights. Complement with a poetic antidote: history’s most famous definitions of love.

AsapSCIENCE have previously covered the science of why money can’t buy happiness, what alcohol does to your brainthe science of productivity, why we blush, the science of lucid dreaming, how music enchants the brain, the neurobiology of orgasms, and why we are all female.

(Source: explore-blog)

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