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WAR-TOYS is a documentary film that follows artist/photographer Brian McCarty as he works to complete a new project in the Middle East. Using Brian’s unique toy photography and principles of play and art therapy, the project explores firsthand accounts of war from the perspective of children living in its day-to-day reality. Working through local humanitarian organizations in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, Brian’s WAR-TOYS project focuses on the latest generation of Israelis and Palestinians that has never known an existence without the constant threat of rocket attacks, air strikes, gunfire, explosions, and incursions.

Footage seen above was produced in early 2011 during Brian’s proof of concept journey, working primarily through the Spafford Children’s Center in East Jerusalem as well as the Idbaa Cultural Center inside the Deheisheh Refugee Camp. Later this year, Brian will return to complete his project and collaborate with children under the care of both Israeli and Palestinian NGO’s across the region.

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Upcoming HBO movie based on a play called The Sunset Limited

The play involves only two nameless characters, designated “White” and “Black”, their respective skin colors. Offstage, just before the play begins, Black saves White from throwing himself in front of a train, the Sunset Limited. All of the action takes place in Black’s spare apartment in urban New York, where the characters go (at the behest of Black) after their encounter on the platform. Black is an ex-convict and an evangelical Christian. White is an atheist and a professor. They debate the meaning of human suffering, the existence of God, and the propriety of White’s attempted suicide.

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