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100 Book Challenge - April

Yep, still doing this.
Books tackled in April:

9. An Economist Gets Lunch, Tyler Cowen
Economist, George Washington University professor and D.C.-area food blogger Tyler Cowen writes about the economics of food production and dining out.

8. Tomatoland, Barry Estabrook
Food journalist Barry Estabrook investigates South Florida’s multi-billion dollar tomato industry, and reveals the human and environmental impacts behind the mass-produced and chemically saturated supermarket tomatoes.

7. Norwegian Wood, Huraku Murakami
Coming-of-age story about a college student in Tokyo who deals with loss, love and loneliness.

6. Wild, Cheryl Strayed
Memoir of a young woman who deals with her mother’s death and failed marriage by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone.

Previous books… 

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100 Book Challenge

Decided to participate in the 100 Book Challenge, where the goal is to read 100 books or more by the end of 2012. It’s April, and I’m wondering if I’m allowed to count the books I read from January to March… I’m just going to go ahead and assume I am. If anyone has objections to that or book suggestions, feel free to reply or send a message. I love getting mail.


5. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, Ree Drummond
Blogger behind The Pioneer Woman shares her story of falling for cowboy and moving from city life to country life.

4. Ask Me Why I Hurt, Randy Christensen
Doctor’s memoir of the decade he spent treating Arizona’s homeless youth out of Winnebago.


3. Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese
Coming of age story about twin brothers born of a secret relationship between an Indian nun and a British surgeon in Ethiopia.


2. Freedom, Jonathan Franzen
Epic story about a suburban couple dealing with dreams, temptations, love, and loyalty.

1. Cold New World, William Finnegan
Journalist’s account of four families in communities across America, and the challenges and decisions that American teenagers living in poverty face.

Yes, I do realize at the pace I’m going, I’m probably not going to make it.
I’ll have to read a little faster… either that, or pick some skinnier books.

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According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, as of 2010, some 44% of children live in low-income families. That number has increased from 40% in 2005. By comparison, 15.1% of Americans live in poverty as of September 2011, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Children make up a disproportionate number of the poor.

I started thinking about how this could impact the book publishing industry last week when I met with the Children’s Book Council (CBC). They worry – and those concerned about reading and e-reading among children should, too – that those children who are in low-income households won’t have access to the latest reading devices and will therefore not be a part of the e-reading revolution. 

(Source: firstbook)

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